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What is Our Mission?

Have you ever looked into the eyes of an animal and see their souls? They are just like children, except they cannot speak and they cannot defend themselves against the vile human nature.

Our animal rescue section has been organized with very compassionate volunteers whose only goal is to save a pet. Each day hundreds of healthy, adoptable dogs and cats are euthanized in the kill-shelters or dumped on the streets as strays. In Houston itself, we have the largest population of strays and our shelters are full with animals surrendered by their owners because of reasons such as unwillingness to take care of them, pregnancy, divorce, loss of job, loss of home, prison intake, loss of compassion, empathy, you name it. Our goal is to pull non-aggressive adoptable animals from the deathrow, rebuild their trust and confidence by fostering them during their quarantine period and transport them out-of-state to find their furever families.

Our animal rescue division is completely foster and volunteer based. If anyone wants to foster or adopt a pet, please email us for application. 


  Mia was dumped in a high-kill shelter of Texas by her former owners, who said they were moving and couldn't take her as she did not get along with other dogs. Mia was kept in isolation in the shelter, based upon this note. Once in our foster's home, Mia showed no aggression, as she played with his pets and relaxed when tired.

The Pounds in Texas

The pounds in Texas are absolutely full. Dogs are getting killed everyday to make room for new intakes.  Some are dropped off as strays, some surrendered by owners due to their old age or sickness and some come from extreme abuse and sadness. Despite the wrong done to them, they are ready to try again to love and trust the humans.

Some of the pounds we pull from receive no funds from the state. They keep the dogs outside in the filthy pens that get overheated in Texas summers and freezing in Texas winters. The dogs suffer silently. They are fed once a day, so if they miss a meal, they go hungry the entire day. It is a jail for no fault of theirs. They are not adopted out to public and can only be saved by a rescue tag.

The evil some humans can inflict upon the voiceless is incredible and awareness is so important. We hope everyone is taught to adopt a rescue pet or a shelter dog instead of buying from breeders. Backyard breeders use a rape trap to profit out of the dogs they later dump in the shelter after they cannot have babies anymore. With awareness, we hope that one day breeding will become illegal.

How Do We Help?

We pull animals out of high kill shelters or the streets or abusive families and place them in foster homes and adoptive families, after vetting and getting them ready for a fresh journey. Dogs that don't get into foster families are kept in boardings until they can be placed in foster or adoptive homes. We urge fosters to step up by downloading the foster application from our Animal Rescue Page.

We network animals by taking pictures and videos at kill shelters, and sharing them to find homes for these dogs. While in our care, we vet them, train them, get them the love and respect they deserve as a living being.  

We believe in a no-kill world. Every animal has rights. Every animal feels the same way. If we can spread compassion and come together with the same mission, we can save and protect each one of them. 

Our Wishlist

We need the following, used or unused in good condition - please email us for pick up or delivery, if you are planning to donate.

Bags of healthy food for puppies and adults dogs of all sizes. 
Food Bowls
Water Bowls

Volunteers, Transporters and Fosters

We need volunteers who can help network the animals to see if they are lost animals who ended up as strays, keep checking numbers on their microchips, who can take them for walks etc.

We need transporters to take them to vets or foster homes etc. 
 If you wish to be a foster, please email us at nextsamaritan@gmail.com.