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Who are We?

Next Samaritan is a humanitarian organization dedicated to spread awareness and restore faith in the kindness of strangers. We implore like-minded individuals to share the word so it can come to use, even if it is just one life.

What is Our Mission?

Our mission is to first and foremost provide hope and understand to a person or an animal who is sick, neglected, lonely and scared. Have you ever known people who are confined to their beds because of their illness, who have been amputated to save their lives or who are unable to enjoy the beauty of this world because of their lack of vision? These same people are otherwise alive, awake. All they need is not money, not fame, not material. They need a friendly ear, a kind word, a gentle smile and an honest assurance that they will always have our support and strength. Its our mission to find these people and make them a part of our family, hold their hands when they are scared, sit with them and have a chat when they are depressed, and assure them that in us they have a friend.

Have you ever looked into the eyes of an animal, when they are being butchered alive as sacrifices in the name of God or as part of a stupid festival? Or being skinned to become some ignorant person's fashion statement such as Rihanna? Or being abused as part of a training program by some famous circus company called Ringling Bros.? Or when they are kept in captivity for lab experiments or other intelligent people's fetish? Or when they are caged up inside shelters where, if not adopted or rescued, they will go out in black bags, euthanized in horrific ways - sometimes gassed in front of others in places like Shawnee, Oklahoma, or by heartstick in places like Florida.

Our animal rescue section has been organized with very compassionate volunteers whose only goal is to save a pet. Each day hundreds of healthy, adoptable dogs and cats are euthanized in the kill-shelters of America. In Houston itself, we have the largest population of strays and our shelters are full with animals surrendered by their owners because of reasons such as unwillingness to take care of them, pregnancy, divorce, loss of job, loss of home, prison intake, loss of compassion, empathy, you name it. We have partnered with animal rescues of different states to pull the adoptable animals from the deathrow, rebuild their trust and confidence by fostering them during their quarantine period and transport them out-of-state to find their furever families.

How do we help?

We work with patients and their families to help them with diet, supplements and awareness during cancer treatment.

We arrange for transports for patients who don't have a car or are unable to drive or get rides to the hospitals for chemotherapy and radiation. Patients must contact us via email to schedule a ride.

We make PSA videos to educate people about early screening, treatment steps, importance of research, knowledge and awareness about treatment options and leaving no stone unturned to beat it through conventional and alternative therapies, including diet and supplements.

We encourage patients to interact with survivors, enlist their names in the prayer circles to witness miracles.

Our animal rescue team works to pull animals out of high kill shelters or abusive families and place them in foster homes and adoptive families, after vetting and getting them ready for a fresh journey.

We network animals by taking pictures and videos at kill shelters, networking them through our group for No Euthanasia to get them rescued or adopted, find fosters, vet and treat sick animals and  adopt them out to their furever homes.

We believe in a no-kill world. Every animal has rights. Every animal feels the same way. If we can spread compassion and come together with the same mission, we can save and protect each one of them.  Visit our Animal Rescue Page for more details.

Samaritans come together not only to donate time, but also to help the suffering living beings have a comfortable and longer life by creating a support system that makes them know "they are not alone". Our hope is to build a community that will spread kindness, care, knowledge, awareness and support to help us beat any disease and hurtful situation.

Our animal rescue division is completely foster and volunteer based. If anyone wants to foster or adopt a pet, please email us for application.